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I want to thank you so much for your help in our time of need. Your service has been much needed in our area. The whole process of interviewing was less stressful thanks to your response to our need. I was really impressed at how many qualified applicants you were able to give me within days of my call. It came down to 3 candidates for me and the doctors were very impressed with whom I had chosen. Thank you so much for your recommendations. Your company has been a real God-send to me & this practice.
Terry Pierce – Practice Administrator
I have had nothing but positive experiences with Chairside CNY. We have been working with Mary Lang over the past months looking for candidates for our pediatric/orthodontic dental office.
Debbie Marris – Office Manager, Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics For All Ages
Yes Mary. I certainly don’t envy your job. You are indeed performing a tightrope walk each and every time you provide a placement. Not all matches are perfect fits and I certainly do appreciate that as well as your work in this field. I think you have a keen eye for what practices need and do a yeoman’s job to satisfy both entities you must interact with. Kudos!
Dr. Anthony J. Tabone, DDSDr. Anthony J. Tabone, DDS – Auburn, NY
We really enjoyed [the assistant you sent us] yesterday and had her shadow today. I’ll be honest that I think she’s fantastic and we have offered her the position. You did a terrific job in recommending her! I truly appreciate the help.
Dr. Scott Shallish, DMD

I am very happy with Chairside CNY. How is she different from other agencies I have worked for? She has personally been to every office and offers a first hand take of the facility. Mary met with me at a convenient location to discuss job opportunities. She is very thorough as she went over my resume, & gave me amazing pointers on what to expect from the current job market. I am so thankful this company they helped me land a permanent position at an office I have grown to love. Thank you!
Ashlyn Taylor, RDH

Mary Lang of Chairside CNY has been a life saver for our office! We had some unexpected staff changes recently, and she was there for us and helped make the best of a tough situation! She also helped us find our new hygienist Ally, who is a gem! Thank you Mary Lang and Chairside CNY!
Angie Dal PortoAngie Dal Porto – Office Manager, Berry Good Dental
Thank you again! Dr. G. said life saver as usual. You have some really great people who help us out.
Jennifer Goel
 – Practice Manager
Dr. Vikas Goel, DMD

Thank you Mary for the ongoing support you provide to the SUNY Canton dental hygiene program. Both the faculty and students appreciate the time and energy you spent preparing the students to write an organized and effective resume. The students also commented that participation in the mock interview reduced their anxiety. The confidence they gained from these incredible learning experiences made them feel more comfortable initiating their job search. You are an amazing woman and excellent role model for our hygiene students! We look forward to working with you again in future semesters!

We really appreciate the time you spend with our students. I received feedback from a number of dentists over the summer stating how well prepared our grads were for their interviews and that they asked good questions. Definitely a reflection of your guidance.
Pamela P. Quinn, RDH, BSE, MSEdPamela P. Quinn, RDH, BSE, MSEd– Curriculum Coordinator for the AAS Dental Hygiene Program
I really appreciate all your advice throughout this process.Thank you again for all your help in finding a job, I’m truly grateful.
Allyson Bertholdi, RDHAllyson Bertholdi, RDH – Dental Hygienist
When Ms. Lang decided to turn her attention to other matters, we felt a great sense of loss. She made a considerable impact on her students by helping them see non profit management in a new light. She is one of the finest adjunct professors I have worked with in twenty five years. Ms. Lang is an exceptional individual.
Dr. Edward AikenDr. Edward Aiken – Director, The Graduate Program in Museum Studies, Syracuse University
Mary, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me find a dental position. Tomorrow is my third day at Dr. B’s, and I’m enjoying it very much.
Tiffany ArduiniTiffany Arduini – Dental Assistant
I would highly recommend Chairside CNY. They helped us find a trained dental assistant who is professional and personable very quickly. They took the headache out of finding quality employees.
Beverly BunkerBeverly Bunker – Office Manager, Dr. Thos. Bunker DDS
After living outside the US for several years, my job search was very complicated. Mary was not only patient, helpful and competent in finding work for me, she was more of a friend. I am now working full-time in a wonderful office in the Syracuse area and loving every day!
Nola Monahan, RDH

You were spot on about Jodi. Very mature , seems meticulous too. I called 2 references she gave me and they were very good as well.
Dr. Matt Fiorentino, DDS

Mary Lang/Chairside CNY was instrumental in finding me a position. I highly recommend Chairside CNY to all dental professionals and encourage both prospective employers and employees to utilize Mary Lang/Chairside CNY for their employment needs. Thanks so much Mary, I cannot describe how much you helped me.
Robert W. Stone – Instructional Support Associate
I truly value the feedback you provided on how to improve my marketability through my vitae/resume.
Lindsay Argyle RDH
You are providing a much needed service to our dental community and I will continue to refer colleagues to you.
Lynda Crowley RDH
Your diligence is appreciated!
Anthony Kossa DDS

Definitely a great placement service. I highly recommend!
Dana Schwartz – Practice Manager
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