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CHAIRSIDE CNY was created by a hygienist keenly aware of the needs of dental professionals. We understand first-hand, that sending a resumé to an anonymous PO box, or a nationwide online company, lacks transparency and collaboration. Our goal is to provide you with security and advocacy in the job-seeking process.


CHAIRSIDE CNY equips clients with the tools for optimal job placement. Our staff is well-versed in career development and able to offer guidance in preparing for interviews, negotiating salaries, and writing resumes. We also maintain an up to date listing of available continuing education courses in the region.


Let’s face it. Most employment decisions are made under the radar. It is therefore essential for us to cultivate an inside track on job availability and to come to know the practices where our clients will be placed. This allows us to selectively forward your personal information, at your discretion, based on best fit. Central to our mission is that the job seeking process be transparent and driven by you. By advising and collaborating with our clients we help them proactively market themselves. At CHAIRSIDE, the ball is always in your court.


We respect your confidentiality, always.


Temping provides you with the ability to work in a variety of practice settings and test the market before committing to a permanent job, while developing crucial skills and advancing your marketability. You have the advantage of working around your schedule and within your priorities. You can also quickly find coverage when you need to take time off, while remaining responsible to your practice and your patients.


All of these benefits and NEVER a fee to you.

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